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Local business, charity and the environment – how we are doing our bit!

We are passionate about running Woodland Cottages in a way that benefits not only our lovely guests but also others as well. Read on to hear more about how we go about that…

Local business:

Here at Woodland Cottages we are keen to support other independent local businesses. We know how hard it can be running your own business and competing with larger companies which is why we try to shop locally wherever possible and are passionate about encouraging local business.

Local Artwork

We have artwork in the cottages from local artists Jackson and Young whose art is inspired by the stunning scenery and amazing wildlife that we are so lucky to have in North Devon. We really love their unique style and fun imagery.


Local Photography

The cottages also have some photography from, local photographer Mark Clinton Johnson.  His own dog poppy is included in many of his photographs, stunning scenery and a cute dog – what’s not to love. We think his photography is amazing and we hope you do too.


copyright Mark Clinton Johnson


Local produce

Our welcome packs consists of locally sourced apple juice and handmade cookies. Not only will you benefit from this tasty produce but our community benefits too.


A locally sourced welcome pack


Apple juice

The apple juice comes from apples grown onsite at Woodland Cottages and is pressed, pasteurised and bottled by Mc G’s in Dolton which is only 10 miles away from us. We hope you enjoy this homegrown apple juice.



The cookies are handmade in Devon by family run business Teonis. We hope you enjoy munching on these delicious cookies during your stay.



Our chosen charity is The Guide Dogs for the Blind. Any change that is left over from the gas and electric goes to this charity. We sometimes use the money to purchase extra doggy items for the cottages such as dog blankets from their online “dogalogue”. We think this is a fantastic charity which makes a huge difference in peoples lives. To find out more about this brilliant charity please visit:




We are also eager to do our bit for the environment. Having a background in Geography, Biology and Environmental sciences and just a general love for anything outdoorsie,  it is a cause close to our hearts.


The cottages

We try and buy eco-friendly products for the cottages where possible. We have a recycling point and try and encourage guests to recycle, we have plans in the future to improve our recycling point to make it more user friendly to guests. We shop locally to reduce our mileage. We have several water butts which collect rainwater to water the plants.


The grounds

We do our best to manage the grounds and woodland to encourage wildlife. From leaving woodpiles which are great for beetles and insects to having areas of meadowland to encourage wildflowers and butterflies. In addition, we have also made a bee hotel to provide a home for bees.


The local area

We partake in litter picks at our local beaches as we think it’s important not only to help the environment but to also help keep our local beaches clean for both tourists and locals alike. For more information on upcoming beach cleans and actions that you can take please visit:



We are always looking for ways to improve our impact on our local environment and in our local communities, so if you have any good ideas about how we may do this please get in touch. Otherwise watch this space and we will keep you updated about any further developments.

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